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08 June 2005 @ 09:12 am
Scrumptous, scrumptuos - or however the hell you spell it - Yummy  
Went to a terrific part at _transgression_ last night. Met the most adorable twin boys. They were so very, very pretty, and had less morals than I do. I do love that in a person. Think they'll both be tons of fun, so much more fun than anyone I've been dating here in Chicago lately. They are just to die for little devils. I so hope to get into lots of trouble with them. It was their birthday last night. I sang for them, and then had a lot of fun flirting, drinking and smoking. I hope to see them both again real soon - the less clothing involved the better.

I would so like to do a show there. Sands says that Jack is rich, and could help me get a nice gig going. He said he'd be my hot little cabana boy. Oh yes, Sands and Jacky boy are so keepers. Or at least long term rentals.
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That Jazz...: Zuluwail - Nat Shilkret Orchestra