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15 August 2005 @ 06:45 am
DM - If I found a quarter  
Velma Kelly
Chicago the movie
Word Count 316
Rated G

Velma smacked her lips together spreading the deep red lipstick she’d just applied before blotting her lips with a tissue. Her eyes were done just right, and the rest of her looked like a million bucks. She adjusted the jeweled pins in her raven hair, and then applied a light dusting of scented powder to her bare shoulders. Her dress was a bright sapphire blue with so many beads and sequins that it weighed more than a few pounds, but the way it shimmered when she moved was well worth any inconvenience. She was so excited. She and her boyfriend were going to see The Jazz Singer, the first ever talkie at the cinema. “I’m ready,” she called out as she headed towards the front door of her apartment. She paused just long enough to pet her sleek Siamese cat on the way out.

While she waited for Tommy to drive his car around, she saw a shiny quarter in the gutter. Checking the street both directions, she reached down with her burgundy painted nails and scooped it up slipping it into her beaded purse. She’d been hit hard when she’d gotten out of prison, and a girl never knew when she might need a quarter to buy something special. Tommy’s car was a beauty, and she kissed him soundly as he held the door open for her while she climbed into the passenger seat. This was going to be one crazy night.

The movie had been a blast. Velma had never seen anything like it, and set her mind on one thing getting to Hollywood. With her voice, her legs and her talent, she knew that she could go far there. She figured if see a penny pick it up all the day you’ll have good luck worked, then her finding a quarter was a sign from God that Hollywood was where she should be.
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