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Velma Destiny
24 May 2006 @ 12:13 pm
I've given this LJ to my MOM - SO BE NICE!!!!!
Velma Destiny
Heinous Bastard
You are 75% of a bastard.
Children flee your coming. When you arrive at work, your co-workers seal the blockades that prevent you from leaving your cubicle. Honestly, you're probably a telemarketer. Your kids, should they exist, are terrified of you, and are probably too afraid to tell anyone about it. Your court appearance was both brief and memorable; the judge retired from practice afterwards, and none of the jurors ever served again.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 99% on bastardism
Link: The Am I Enough of a Bastard Test written by ThePastor on Ok Cupid
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Velma Destiny
15 August 2005 @ 06:45 am
Velma Kelly
Chicago the movie
Word Count 316
Rated G

Velma smacked her lips together spreading the deep red lipstick she’d just applied before blotting her lips with a tissue. Her eyes were done just right, and the rest of her looked like a million bucks. She adjusted the jeweled pins in her raven hair, and then applied a light dusting of scented powder to her bare shoulders. Her dress was a bright sapphire blue with so many beads and sequins that it weighed more than a few pounds, but the way it shimmered when she moved was well worth any inconvenience. She was so excited. She and her boyfriend were going to see The Jazz Singer, the first ever talkie at the cinema. “I’m ready,” she called out as she headed towards the front door of her apartment. She paused just long enough to pet her sleek Siamese cat on the way out.

While she waited for Tommy to drive his car around, she saw a shiny quarter in the gutter. Checking the street both directions, she reached down with her burgundy painted nails and scooped it up slipping it into her beaded purse. She’d been hit hard when she’d gotten out of prison, and a girl never knew when she might need a quarter to buy something special. Tommy’s car was a beauty, and she kissed him soundly as he held the door open for her while she climbed into the passenger seat. This was going to be one crazy night.

The movie had been a blast. Velma had never seen anything like it, and set her mind on one thing getting to Hollywood. With her voice, her legs and her talent, she knew that she could go far there. She figured if see a penny pick it up all the day you’ll have good luck worked, then her finding a quarter was a sign from God that Hollywood was where she should be.
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Velma Destiny
She’d gotten away with murder once in her life already, so Velma Kelly didn’t think it would be too much of a problem to finally get rid of the thorn in her side known as Roxy Hart. Ever since the peroxide blonde bitch had gone found herself on Murderer’s Row, Velma had hated her, and it still made her want to puke every night when they did their big double killer review. Her deep chocolate colored eyes narrowed towards where Roxy was flirting with one of their agents at the restaurant table. She knew she was flirting with him when Roxy’s silk covered foot got tangled with Velma’s on the way up the very handsome man’s calf. Bitch never did know when to keep her hands or feet to herself.

Velma took a long drag off her cigarette, smiling as she pictured putting it out in one of Roxy’s baby blues, then strangling her with her own beads. Roxy was cheating on her new hubby, and that was one thing that Velma could not stand. She’d been cheated on by her husband with her own sister. She’d seen red long before their blood was covering her hands. She might be a cabaret singer, but she weren’t no whore. She flirted. She drank, and she smoked. But she did not cheat on anyone she was married to. Roxy didn’t have anymore morals than an alley cat in heat with kittens sucking off her scrawny tits.

“Eddie,” she purred sliding her fingers up under his chin. She wasn’t married. There was no reason she had to flirt with him under the tablecloth. Bending forward Velma planted a kiss on the dark haired Irish boy with dimples that had stolen her heart. “Why don’t we leave the love birds alone? I’m sure that Pete wants to spend some time with his wife.”

“But,” Roxy pouted wiggling her padded tits at Eddie, and glared at Velma. “We was all going to have a nice dinner together.”

“Don’t wait up for us, Roxy,” Velma said grabbing her fur coat and Eddie’s arm. “Eddie and I are going dancing. You two enjoy the rest of your honeymoon.”

While they danced, Velma nibbled on Eddie’s ear. “Eddie, don’t you think it’s time I took my act solo? I mean Roxy should be thinking about Pete, and making a family with him. She should settle down and make babies. I know it’s what Pete wants. He told me.”

“That sounds ok, Velma,” he said as he pulled her close in his embrace. “But Roxy don’t want to retire.”

“Well, maybe I’ll find a way to persuade her then,” Velma said her eyes partially closed while she plotted how to get Pete to kill his cheating whore of a wife, thus ending her problems without getting blood on her hands again. She never wanted to have to face the hangman again. She just had to make sure that Eddie wasn’t the guy that Pete found in bed with Roxy. She licked her lips as a brilliant idea came to her. “Wonder how Amos is doing? I bet he really misses Roxy.”

Velma Kelly
Fandom: Chicago the movie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 522
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Velma Destiny
Went to a terrific part at _transgression_ last night. Met the most adorable twin boys. They were so very, very pretty, and had less morals than I do. I do love that in a person. Think they'll both be tons of fun, so much more fun than anyone I've been dating here in Chicago lately. They are just to die for little devils. I so hope to get into lots of trouble with them. It was their birthday last night. I sang for them, and then had a lot of fun flirting, drinking and smoking. I hope to see them both again real soon - the less clothing involved the better.

I would so like to do a show there. Sands says that Jack is rich, and could help me get a nice gig going. He said he'd be my hot little cabana boy. Oh yes, Sands and Jacky boy are so keepers. Or at least long term rentals.
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That Jazz...: Zuluwail - Nat Shilkret Orchestra
Velma Destiny
06 June 2005 @ 11:57 am
Velma hated being bored. She stepped out onto the street, careful not to get any mud on her cute little shoes tugging her silver tipped fox fur stole tighter around her neck to fight off the Chicago chill. She needed a drink, a few smokes, and the company of adoring fans to feel better. She didn't feel like going to the usual gin joints, but turned the corner seeing a new sign flashing over a door she'd never seen before.

Her heels tapped over the polished marble floor. This looked like quite the happening place. "Lucky me," she said as she sauntered over to the bar, where she hopped up onto one of the stools and crossed her legs flashing the top of her garters. "Give me a martini love, with an onion not an olive." She pulled out a cigarette from her beaded bag, and took a long slow drag.
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